Information pursuant to Legislative Decree 30 June 2003, no. 196, with reference to the "Code of personal data protection"


Dear Customer,
Pursuant to Art. 13 of the "Code of personal data protection" Sasso Alto Srl (hereafter also referred to as "Il Piccolo Albergo") provides information on the processing of personal data for visitors consulting the website

The information that follows applies solely to Il Piccolo Albergo website and does not apply to any other websites consultable to the visitor via links.
Il Piccolo Albergo will acquire and process the following types of data in compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003.

Data Types and Purpose

Data registration:
These data are requested during the registration phase of the website, also through the use of tools and computerised procedures, and can be subject to processing by Il Piccolo Albergo for the following purposes: to enable the visitor access to Il Piccolo Albergo website, for the purpose closely connected to the services on-line and, in particular, to meet the requirements of submitting reservations or information by the visitor.

Navigation data:
The computerised systems and software procedures used for functioning of this website acquire, during normal operations, some personal data whose transmission is involved in the use of Internet communication protocol.
This information is not collected for association with identified persons, but by nature could enable identification of visitors through the processing and association with data held by third parties.
These data are used for the sole purpose of collecting anonymous statistical information on the use of the website and to check the correct functioning. They are deleted immediately after processing. The data may be used to ascertain responsibility in the event of hypothetical offences against the website: except in this case, the data are stored for the timeframes defined by legislation in force for the time strictly necessary to provide the visitor with the requested service and to guarantee transmission of the communication.

Processing method

The processing of data takes place with the use of electronic or automated, computerised or electronic tools, with logic strictly linked to the aforementioned purposes and, however, to guarantee the security and confidentiality of the data.

Data provision

The provision of Registered Data, for the data present, is compulsory and the non-provision, even if partial, of the data expressly indicated as necessary using an asterisk placed beside the fields in the Registration Area of the website, will make it impossible for Il Piccolo Albergo to proceed with supplying the service to you. The provision of other Registration Data is optional and therefore have no impact if you refuse to provide such data, apart from making it impossible to provide visitors with information on promotions or verifying your level of satisfaction.

Data communication

It is understood that the communications made to fulfil legal obligations, all the data collected and processed can be communicated for the aforementioned purposes to: those who can come in contact with the data, as the "managers" or "authorised persons" of Il Piccolo Albergo, such as staff in the administrative, sales, production, technical and IT offices. The personal data will not, in any case, be distributed.
The proprietor of the data processing is Sasso Alto Srl, represented by the legal representative, located in Recinto II San Giacomo 11, 75100 Matera (MT)-Tel. +39 0835 330 201- The processing manager, pursuant to Art. 7 of the Code, is the Director of Il Piccolo Albergo, domiciled for this role at the company headquarters and at the aforementioned address.

Rights of the relevant persons

You can exercise your rights pursuant to Art. 7 of the Code by contacting the manager of processing, the Marketing Director of Il Piccolo Albergo, at the address indicated above. In particular, you have the right to obtain, at any time, confirmation if data exist with reference to you and know their content and the origin, verifying their accuracy or ask for their integration or updating, or their correction. Pursuant to the aforementioned article, you have the right to request their deletion, transformation in anonymous form or prevent the data from being processed in violation of the law, as well as opposing in any case, their processing for legitimate reasons.

Legal aspects

Sasso Alto Srl is the proprietor of the website, at the web address:

The following are a series of descriptions of the use features of the website, which we recommend you print (clicking on the "Print" button or on the Brower icon depicting a printer), read carefully and keep. Sasso Alto Srl is free to change and improve, at any time and without prior notice, the instructions reported below.

Use of the website implies your knowledge of the instructions present.
Proven violation of the terms of use reported here can lead to you being banned from using the website. Sasso Alto Srl can, at its discretion, suspend or close in part or completely this portal, without incurring any responsibility.

Brand names and trademarks

The various brand names and trademarks published on the website are the property of Sasso Alto Srl or rather the Group companies, or third parties and, in any case, access to the website does not grant the visitor permission to use these brand names and trademarks without written authorisation from the respective and legitimate proprietors. All the material published on this website is protected by intellectual property rights, in compliance with legislation in force on matters of copyright applicable (in particular, the Berne Conventions and Law 633/1941 and subsequent amendments).
The documentation, the images, the font, the graphics, the software and any other content on the website, as well as its presentation and elaboration, and all codes and format scripts to implement the website, are the property of Sasso Alto Srl, the Group Companies or third parties, and are protected by legislation in force.
Access to the website does not give the visitor the right to take possession of, reproduce, change or re-publish, even in partial format, the information contained on the website, without the express written authorisation from Sasso Alto Srl, the Group Companies and/or third party and proprietor of the relevant rights for use and/or reproduction.


The interactive links between the website and other websites, managed by third parties, are carried out by Sasso Alto Srl without running any controls on the information, the products, any possible services offered or the policies implemented by these websites, nor any checks on their compliance with legislation applicable from time to time.
Therefore Sasso Alto Srl does not assume any responsibility for the content and technical-operational methods of such external websites, in particular regarding computer security aspects: in this regard, the visitor is warned to use adequate anti-virus systems, as well as informing oneself precisely on the policies established herein on the matter.
Furthermore, each "linked" Internet website has its own privacy policy, which is different from and autonomous of Sasso Alto Srl over which the latter runs no checks. Visitors are therefore asked to carefully read the policies on confidentiality implemented in the "linked" websites of the respective proprietors of autonomous processing.
In any case, with any communications from visitors on the unreliability or illegality of these websites, Sasso Alto Srl, or rather other companies responsible for this, will, at their discretion, suspend the link.


The visitor is made aware of the fact that the transmission of data via Internet will never be completely risk-free. The visitor is obliged to use appropriate computer protection mechanisms, as well as check the accuracy of any data provided. The e-mail addresses on the website belong to Sasso Alto Srl and are managed in compliance with the privacy policy present, or rather the third party rules, when present. In this respect, the visitor is actively invited to become informed on the methods of management used, for such data, by third parties, based on which Sasso Alto Srl does not run any checks, apart from routine checks from and to the servers on which the website operates.


This website was created with maximum care. Despite this, we cannot be held responsible for the presence of errors or the accuracy of the information it contains. We decline all responsibility for damage caused directly or indirectly by using the information contained, provided it is not intentional or due to serious negligence. Il Piccolo Albergo declines all responsibility for the content of third party Internet pages which you find in links on this website. The text, information, other data published on this website, as well as the links to other websites present on the web are exclusively for information purposes.

If the website presents any inaccuracies, errors or omissions in the information published, you are informed that Sasso Alto Srl declines all responsibility for direct or indirect damages and in any case reserves the right to intervene, at any time, by making corrections, changes or improvements to the website. This website does not contain editorial products nor can it be configured for publication and the diffusion of material on the website is not periodic, since it is conditioned by the availability of the material.

Reservations and contacts

The information collected from the Internet through the contact forms complies with the provisions on the protection of personal data.
The information transmitted through the specific form must suffice to enable the proprietors of the website to answer and/or process the requests made.
The general terms of sale and cancellation relating to online reservations or reservation requests are specifically indicated in the forms and the dedicated section.

Various provisions

The restrictions of responsibility as per the above do not restrict the responsibility of the company Sasso Alto Srl nor exclude it in the event it cannot be excluded or restricted pursuant to the applicable national legislation. We remind you that by accessing this website you and Sasso Alto Srl, unless otherwise arranged, agree that the laws and rules of the Italian State apply for all issues of use of this website.